Self-Love Tips to the rescue!

This is the NEW Mental Health Model, a self-love program designed for busy people. Time and busyness are true enemies of good mental health, aren’t they? I mean, certainly, there are people who have a little more time on their hands to work out more, food prep more extensively, go to more self-help workshops, or meditate for long periods of time. However, what I really want you to know, is that having good mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health does not require hours and hours of work.

Self-love means self-care. It means doing what you need to do for yourself to love your body, mind, and soul.

Self Love is Easy

Here is the basic, easy-peasy, not-rock-science plan:

  1. Sleep like a baby. Around 6-9 hours per night is all you need to feel rested, clear-headed, and calm. Plus you’ll have less stress, less anxiety, and less depression.
  2. Engage your body and brain in nature. Walk, sit on a patio, love on your home plants. Research shows that being in nature has a great impact on your happiness and calm level. People who spent time in nature are less depressed and anxious. Self-love requires this!
  3. Listen to motivation media. Podcasts, self-help books, or anything else that can be a cheerleader for you. Listen to it!
  4. Filter through psychological (and physical) noise with meditation. Does this need more explanation? Shut down all the 56 tabs in your brain you have open and focus only on one. This is a great exercise to practice!
  5. Load up on love from your inner core. Your friends and family, those among your biggest supporters, are the ones you need to lean on regularly. This is self-love and other-love!
  6. Open emotional energy through reading. Increase empathy, decrease stress, and develop some super perspective-taking skills all by reading fiction.
  7. Visualize the life you want. Craft the life you want in the future by creating a life plan.
  8. Enrich your body with nourishing food. Learn what is best for your body, and what your body needs. This will change your mood, give you clarity, and help your overall mental health.

Here’s the easy part: You don’t have to do all of these. Pick what works for your schedule, and do those. Focus on the 80/20 rule. That is, focus on 5-6 of these. You don’t have to powerhouse through each one, and you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing it. I promise, doing only minimal work in 5-6 of these will drastically improve your mental health!

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Don’t get me wrong, spending more time meditating, working out, food prepping, journaling, etc. is not bad or wrong. It’s just not necessarily necessary. Self Love self-care emphasizes quality over quanitity. It is possible and doable to be healthy and emotionally fit, without clocking tons of time.

When you’re confused about what you’re supposed to be doing (and there are SO MANY people with their own ideas of how to have good mental health, it creates a lot of psychological noise), you end up doing nothing at all. Or worse, going in the OPPOSITE direction.

But, YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD! This is the NEW mental health care model. That you feel good every day using BASIC strategies like these.

There are eight basic components to the Self Love Care model that are easy to implement. Go forth, do all the things!

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