All month long, I’m focusing on motivational media as a way to help boost your mental well-being. That is, decrease depression, anxiety, and stress. Self-Helpery is an act of self-love that is intended to give you a steady stream of motivation, inspiration, and cognitive influence. Just like Zig Zigler said, “If you dream it, you can achieve it!” Well, okay then. Let’s dream! 

What the Heck is Self-Helpery?

The Universe is vast and filled with wonderment to explore. Self-help media in the form of audiobooks, podcasts, Ted Talks, social influencers, or anything else you can think of, expands what you think you know about who you are and the world around you. Through motivational media, you can learn about your rich, emotional inner world. 

Self-help books, talks, and conferences are the inspiration you need to get the creative, inspirational juices flowing to change subconscious, stuck thinking. Self-help works because it acts as your cheering squad on the sidelines of your life. It’s the biggest selling genre of them all, and you can pretty much get a book or find a talk on any topic to move your life in the direction you want to move. 

Changing your subconscious programming is really the key to improving your growth course. Audiobooks stream feel-good motivation into your mind. You’re convincing your brain to make some sharp right turns into some new patterns of thinking. It’s like brainwashing, but since that sounds really negative, let’s just call it persuasion. Self-helpery is mind persuasion, so you can think differently, feel differently, and act differently.

Five Ways to Soak in some Motivational Media

Soaking useful knowledge into the recesses of your brain and body is so incredibly easy, and there are some excellent reasons you will want to hit the play button on any one of these streaming mediums.

  1. Learn a New Skill. Self-help can not only teach you self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth, and generally just how to feel like you matter (and you do).
  2. Stay Motivated and Inspired. The world can be a hard, cold place to grow, and this is why we need all the help we can get. You’re going to hear about 9,458 negative things before this day is over, and those tidbits of information stream in effortlessly and without your consent. Hitting the play button on some motivational media can lessen that impact.
  3. Grow What You Know. The bottom line, motivational self-helpery, is growth-oriented and reinforcing what already resides in you.
  4. Expand Your Worldview. Expanding your knowledge of other people, cultures, places, things, and ideas will grow what you know about the world. 
  5. Learn About Your Rich, Emotional World. The feeling part of being human is how we navigate the world. Emotions are our internal navigation system.