Mental Health Simplified

Good mental health is easier than you think.

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So few resources. So little time.

  • Is it hard to find time to take care of yourself?

  • Are you missing out on the sweet spots of life?

  • Is your mental health failing?

  • Are you feeling angry and disappointed in yourself?

  • Do depression and anxiety take hold sometimes?

  • Do you often wonder how things got so bad?

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Time shouldn’t stand in the way of feeling good.

You deserve to have good mental health.

When you forget about yourself, you turn into someone you don’t like: you over-medicate, over-drink, over-eat, over-work, and over-isolate because life just becomes too much. Then, you find yourself feeling angry and disappointed in yourself – even resentful – because you know you can do better.

Get Free Self-Love PDF
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I get how you feel.

I’ve been there.

I get that feeling of unhappiness, frustration, and feeling of insecurity.

We spend most of our time in relationships – with friends, children, life partners, and coworkers – and you may not realize it, but many issues arise out of those pesky, er, lovely people we call family. You have symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADD, anger, and fear you say? Yep, those come from dysfunctional relationships, too.

Self-Love Bad***

I’m serious about self-love. It was born out of my work with couples in which I met so many people who weren’t able to attain individuality and stand on their own two feet. In the midst of family and home life chaos, especially when your relationships (work or family) aren’t working for you, you’ve got nothing left but radical self-care. This is precisely why I’ve worked to build self-love tools, including my Self-Love e-Workbook, These are the most important things we should be managing on a day-to-day basis in order to become better, healthier, and happier human beings. (I’m putting those all down in a book now, but you’ll be getting this lesson for free in my office, guaranteed!)

After being a counselor for almost 20 years, I wrote and developed these self-love tools because I was able to get right to the core of what is needed most for optimal mental health. They’re all here, and they are super easy to follow!

More about me:

  • Ph.D. Family Studies, Texas Woman’s University
  • M.Ed. Education in Counseling, University of North Texas
  • B.S. Human Development and Family Studies, Texas Tech University
  • Mom of 3, all girls, including twins
  • Wife of 1. He’s the hardest of all of them.
  • Owner of I Choose Change PLLC Counseling Center

Jennifer Ryan
Get Free Self-Love PDF
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A Plan as Easy as 1-2-3!

Get Free Self-Love PDF
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8 Key Components to Good Mental Health

That are Simple to Implement with Minimal Effort