Self Love is essential!

The good news is, you’re most likely already giving yourself Self Love throughout the day. So, what are the Self Love Tools? It’s a preventative mental healthcare model to help you feel content, grounded, peaceful, and grounded. 

Your emotional capacity, self-esteem, connectedness, and sense of belonging start with a solid foundation of your Core Self. Tune in, gain insight and increase awareness of what you think, feel, and do by using just eight simple tools. 

In holistic counseling, you must be willing to examine your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self in a full-length mirror. This new appreciation of self and what the “self” even is, requires you to engage in meta-awareness. That is, becoming aware of what you’re aware of.

Self-Love Tools

People often come to my office seeking the newest treatment or the elixir that will finally help them turn a corner and feel better. However, there is no secret to how one must live their life for optimal happiness and satisfaction.

The Self Love Tools (SLTs) are not new, but they are mighty. Think of the SLTs as preventative medicine for your mental health. Each Self Love Tools moves you to greater awareness of choices, better physical health, and more reflective spiritual habits. So, for the love of your deepest, core, spiritual self, the you who is the driver of all behaviors, thoughts, and actions, you’re about to embark on a grand adventure of wellness!

The Self Love Tools are:

Preventative Mental Healthcare

The science behind each one of these Self Love Tools is extensive. By engaging in the preventative mental health tools (Self Love Tools), you’re getting the very best but robust tools for developing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

At a foundational level, you know that getting more sleep and eating more nutritiously is good. But, do you know that when you don’t get enough sleep, your brain cannot process through the mountain of information it receives throughout any given day?

Did you know that what you eat has a direct impact on your mental health? And that meditative breathing not only feels relaxing but also supplies your cells with life-giving oxygen? It, in turn, helps build a healthier immune system.

Self Love Creates a Stable Foundation

Think of all health (not just mental health) as a house. So we’ll call it the “Life House.”

The foundation is at the bottom of your house, which will hold the walls, windows, and doors. Therefore, the entire structure of the house depends on the foundation.

The Self Love Tools are the foundation of all health. When the foundation is rocky or on crumbling soil, the house isn’t stable. First, the walls will begin with hairline cracks. Next, the ceilings will start to show fractures. Finally, the windows will warp, and the foundation is not strong enough for the walls, windows, and doors. Consequently, your house will crumble over time.

Life is the same. All chronic disease has one thing in common: Stress. 

Today, your stress will not kill you. But through time and into later life, your body and mind wear down, and you become sick.

Chronic illness and disease result from mental and physical stress, which can be alleviated with a preventative healthcare model, like Self Love Tools.

Perhaps Abraham Maslow described it best with his hierarchy of needs. He said our physical needs like food, water, shelter, and safety are the most crucial. The Self Love Tools model is the very foundation needed at the most basic level.

The NEW Mental Health Care Model

Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are the root of the new mental health care model.

How you feel physically is vital to a sound mind and overall spiritual health; therefore, being in control of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors is possible by your emotional health habits. The higher your emotional intelligence, the better able you are to tune into your internal emotions. Being in control of what you feel means you and your feelings work as a team; you aren’t led blindly by your emotional state.

Optimal mental health is a culmination of physical and emotional health. In other words, how you feel mentally is greatly affected by how you tend to your emotional and physical self. Enlightenment, and going beyond the mind, which is beyond the physical and emotional, is the foundation of spiritual health.