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Allen Counselors

1514 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 310
Allen, Texas 75002
(Across from St. Jude’s)

Denise Martinez, M.A., LPC
Denise Martinez, M.A., LPC
Serving Teens & Adults

“Families live in an ever-changing world that feels stressful, chaotic and extremely overwhelming. I help create a plan for more peace in the home.”

Cyrus W. Lightsey, LMSW
Cyrus W. Lightsey, LMSWSupervised by Dr. Norman Cobb, LCSW-S
Serving Adolescents & Adults

“I aspire to create a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental environment that will allow you to explore and gain greater knowledge of yourself and your relationships.”

Amanda Myers, M.Ed., LPC, RPT
Amanda Myers, M.Ed., LPC, RPT
Serving Children 3-10 years old

“I provide a safe and warm environment where your child can open up and share thoughts, feelings, and wishes about their life and talk about struggles.”

Jennifer Rodgers, M.A., CCRP, LPC
Jennifer Rodgers, M.A., CCRP, LPC
Serving Children, Teens & Families

“Juggling the many activities and responsibilities of life is a challenge. I get it! I’m here to help get some structure and grounding in your homelife.”

Jackie Killion, Counselor Intern
Jackie Killion, Counselor InternSupervised by Jennifer Ryan, Ph.D., LPC-S
Serving Adults

“We can work together to unravel the knots in your life that keep you from experiencing the life you want to live!”

Christina Guess, Counselor Intern
Christina Guess, Counselor InternSupervised by Jennifer Ryan, Ph.D., LPC-S
Children, Teens, and Adults

“It takes a lot of strength and courage to ask for help, especially when you feel alone in the world. “

Kamela Qirjo, Counselor Intern
Kamela Qirjo, Counselor InternSupervised by Jennifer Ryan, Ph.D., LPC-S
Serving Adults

“My goal is to help people from all walks of life find meaning, purpose, and authentic happiness within themselves and in their relationships. “

McKinney Counselors

107 1/2 S. Tennessee
McKinney, Texas 75069
(Above Emporium Pies)

Andrea Erwin, M.S., LPC-Associate
Andrea Erwin, M.S., LPC-AssociateSupervised by Vanessa Hundley, LPC-S #12941
Serving Adults and Couples

“My goal is for my clients to experience support and acceptance. When you walk through our doors, I want you to feel less lonely and more empowered.”

Zuzi Gomez-Chang, M.S., LPC-Associate
Zuzi Gomez-Chang, M.S., LPC-AssociateSupervised by Jennifer Ryan, Ph.D., LPC-S #19003
Serving Adults

“Life may make you feel like you blend into the background and that your voice is not heard. Every human deserves to feel heard. Every human deserves to tell their story.”

Elisa Swartz, M.S., LPC
Elisa Swartz, M.S., LPC
Serving Teens, Adults, & Couples

“I am honored to help you explore who you are now, the choices you are making, and what we can do to get you closer to being the “real you”—the person you really want to be.”

Kandice King, M.S., LPC
Kandice King, M.S., LPC
Serving Children & Teens 8-19 years

“Right now, more than ever, our children need to feel heard, understood, and safe.”

Jennifer Gray, LPC Associate
Jennifer Gray, LPC Associate Supervised by Dr. Leslie Stalcup-Laws, LPC-S
Serving Children, Teens, & Adults

“Whether it is reconnecting with yourself or learning to better communicate with your child, I am here for you to be heard and supported.”

Virtual (Telehealth) Clinicians

Dr. Jennifer Slingerland Ryan, LPC-S
Dr. Jennifer Slingerland Ryan, LPC-S
Serving Adults & Couples

“I know the pain of feeling unsettled, lonely, and anxious. Let’s create a plan together to build deeper relationship connections in your life.”

Mer MacGowan, LPC Associate
Mer MacGowan, LPC Associate Supervised by Jennifer Ryan, Ph.D., LPC-S #19003
Serving Teens & Adults

“I believe that life can be what you make of it, while also acknowledging that many of us have barriers that aren’t necessarily seen or felt by others. I aim to be an advocate for my clients in whatever way they need.”

Krystal Pennington, M.S., LPC Associate, LMFT Associate
Krystal Pennington, M.S., LPC Associate, LMFT AssociateSupervised by: Jennifer Ryan, LPC - S #19003 Elise Thompson, LMFT-S # 200800
Serving Teens, Adults, Couples, & Families

“I would be happy to walk alongside you on your journey and provide a safe and confidential environment where change can occur.”

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