I Help Mend Relationships.

“My purpose is helping people feel connected, loved, healthy, & like they belong.” – Jen


Feeling Sad, Lonely, and Disconnected is Painful.

Life is an adventure, meant to be lived to the fullest.

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  • You’ve been hurt in the past, so it’s hard to trust relationships now.

  • Hard to be vulnerable because of fear of rejection.

  • Over-working, over-medicating, and over-drinking.

  • Relationships feel inauthentic and lonely.

  • Chaotic, disorganized, and unsettled life.

  • Feel emotionally disconnected, but have a lot of love to give.


You deserve to feel more peaceful, content and emotionally connected.

Feel more emotionally connected in relationships, free of addictions, chaos, anxiety, and stress. Live life with more peace and contentment, so you can feel more self-actualized and growth-oriented rather than stagnant.


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People who are happy have more fulfilling, thriving lives.

I teach people to be happy. 

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I get how you feel. I’ve been there

I get that feeling of unhappiness, frustration, and feeling of insecurity.

We spend most of our time in relationships – with friends, children, life partners, and coworkers – and you may not realize it, but many issues arise out of those pesky, er, lovely people we call family. You have symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADD, anger, and fear you say? Yep, those come from dysfunctional relationships, too.

Relationships are my thing (but it wasn’t always – my husband taught me a lot about myself how to even be in a marriage. I’m happy to share that story if you want).

Read more about Dr. Jen and “The Eight Ways to Happy” curriculum here…

The Fine Print:

COUNSELING: Adults and Couples | FEE: $195 for 50-minute session
COUPLES INTENSIVES: 6 hours of couples therapy in one day (click here)
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Licensed Professional Counselor  | Jennifer M. Ryan #19003

Licensed to practice in the states of Texas and Florida

Texas Department of State Health Services | Florida Department of State Health Services

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