Soulmates and “The One”: Why Healthy Relationships Do Not Need Labels and Pedestals


It can be tempting to try and find your fateful relationship when you’re looking for your soulmates. However, when you’re ready to face reality, it can be extremely rewarding.With the help of Dallas-area counselors, here are a few tips about how healthy relationships don’t need to be fateful or have fancy labels.

1. Letting Go of the Act and Embracing Reality


Your instinct on a first date is to make sure you impress. That’s generally the act that many people default to. However, when it comes to finding an authentic relationship, one of the most common impediments is the assumption that you won’t be liked for showing your true personality. In fact, this is cited more commonly than you may think. One of the most prominent roadblocks to finding your soulmate is not being yourself, according to MeetMindful. Coming to terms with your own situation and reality is as simple as enlisting the help of Dallas family counseling. Family counseling in particular can be helpful for this kind of condition.

2. You Can’t Pretend Forever

SoulmatesYour personal story is


important, but you can’t just assume that anyone will care unless you get it out there and relate your experiences to other human beings. Don’t forsake your storyline by assuming that your soulmate will just stumble upon you, says Huffington Post. Finding a partner is all about authenticity, especially in today’s world where people can research who you are and what you’ve said at any given time. Either way, you can’t let your personal story exist untold, especially to a significant other. The key here is to wear your heart on your sleeve and see who responds to it. This is the way that you can find a compatible partner.

3. Consider the “Current One”

You can find someone who may fit the idea of “the one,” but this concept is exactly what it sounds like, which is an intangible generalized goal. Your soulmate may not be an ideal relationship where all your theoretical checklist is complete. It may be more about rekindling desires and remembering why your current one is The One. Regardless of how you met or if you feel it’s profound, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is comfort. If you feel comfortable


with your current partner, then fate shouldn’t impact your life and has nothing to do with how you proceed. The fact of the matter is that the idea of fate itself is to lead individuals toward the path they’re meant to tread. However, that doesn’t mean that the path chosen is the so-called right one, nor does it mean that you’re running your life wrong.
There are lots of ways to define your relationship and feel comfortable with your partner, but the bottom line is that fate doesn’t make any sense, but your feelings do. There are lots of molds and frameworks that you can apply your soulmate idea to, but the fact is that it’s not real life. Genuine relationships based on respect and affection require nuance and understanding, and that’s not something that can’t just be cheaply and quickly instilled by being someone’s preemptive soulmate. Healthy relationships are all about communication and mutual respect.

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Jennifer Slingerland Ryan knows a thing or two about kids and families. First, she knows they are joyous, exhilarating, loving and so darn fun. Second, she knows they suck your life dry and make you weep like a baby. By day she’s a psychotherapist; by night she’s a mom and wife. She claims to love therapizing couples, educating parents, reading dystopian fiction and sleeping in her free time (read: she never sleeps). Jennifer has spent over 12 years in private practice working with individuals, couples, and parents who are faced with kid-drama, mamma-drama, and family-drama, and she claims that although some stories make a grown woman cry, she loves it.

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