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Parent Coaching Builds Confidence

Parent Coaching gives you the confidence to address the many issues that must be resolved, including communication and behavior issues. Most parents who schedule parent coaching are experiencing a significant amount of family distress or aren’t sure how to proceed with their child. Many parents are at their wit’s end.

Parent coaching can give you tools for parenting success if your family is in distress because of behavior issues.


Has your child been in counseling, but are you wondering how to help at home? Do you want to do what your child’s counselor does in the counseling room?

Parent Coaching helps you learn the skills the therapist uses in their sessions so you can extend the process at home.

Your parent-child relationship deserves time, space, and focus because this is one of the most important relationships your child will ever have. 

You aren’t a bad parent,
and your child is perfect just as they are.

(I promise!)

Most likely you aren’t speaking your child’s language which is often rooted in play.

You aren’t struggling because you’re child is bad or you’re a bad parent. On the contrary, the real issue is most likely a combination of emotional connection with your child plus knowing how to speak their unique language.

Your child speaks through play. Your job is to interpret the meaning. Your child wants to feel seen, heard and understood just as we all do at every phase of our lifespan.

Parent Coaching helps you deepen your relationship with your child in several ways:

  • Help your child become more aware of their own feelings
  • Become an advocate for your child even in the midst of parenting

  • Manage conflict in productive ways

  • Learn to focus on the relationship, not the problem

  • Notice physical characteristics that you love about your child

  • Learn the difference in encouragement and praise, and when to use both

  • Learn A-C-T method to limit-setting

  • Identify themes while you play with your child


Why Choose Parent Coaching?

Spend 4-6 sessions learning the skills your therapist uses with your child so that you can see even greater change at home. You’ll work 1:1 with your Parent Coach to learn how to shift behaviors at home and school by seeing your child through a different lens, plus trying out new behaviors.

Do both parents attend Parent Coaching?

Both parents can attend, but if even one parent attends, this will greatly impact your behavior outcomes at home.

What will the process be for our Parent Coaching sessions?

  1. Session 1-2: Your Coach gets an in-depth view of your parenting style. Research shows that how you learn to do relationships as you grow up is often how you do relationships as an adult, including your parenting style. Through an assessment and interview process, your Coach will understand the family dynamic that so they can better help intervene.
  2. Session 2-3: Learn new ways to tune into your self-care as you learn to navigate your parent-child relationship. You’ll become more aware of how your own mental health and wellness affect the relationship with your child.
  3. Session 3-8: Learn new strategies and tools to deepen the relationship with your child while setting limits and learning their play language.

How will I know Parent Coaching is right for me?

It’s right for you if you want to extend the therapy process by using the same strategies your therapist uses in your home. You are your child’s best therapist. Your Parent Coach will show you how to get on your child’s level through play modeling.

What happens after the Parent Coaching Sessions?

You may choose to continue seeing your Parent Coach or continue regular check-ins. Either way, your Parent Coach can help you navigate the relationship with your child.

What other resources will help?

You’ll be given a packet of information and worksheets to reference anytime. Additionally, you’ll be given access to Private Client Resources, which has all the downloads you can use anytime.

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