When every day is a flurry of bills, traffic and deadlines, it can be tough to find some me time with your family. The easy solution? There isn’t one. If you find yourself and your loved ones losing touch with each other, start reconnecting by scheduling some me time with family time. Here’s how:

Set Aside Some Time

Our lives are often full and busy to the brim that it’s easy to forget about making the people in our lives feel special. One way to prevent you losing touch with each other is to set aside family time. Set a firm policy against doing anything during ‘Family Hour.’ It can be as simple as playing a game of Scrabble, PSP or playing doubles in badminton. Spending an hour or more just doing things you all love is a fun and effective way to stay in touch. Also, kids tend to share more information with parents when they spend a lot of time together, says She Knows. If you want your kids to grow up knowing they can turn to you any time, it’s best to start early. Show them the value of family time while they’re still young.

Pick Activities You All Enjoy

One way to make me time a part of family time is to find out what kind of activities you all enjoy. Make a list, Parents suggests. For instance, if you love a good game of tennis, playing with your family hits two birds with one stone: you don’t just get to exercise doing your all-time favorite sport, you get to spend time with your loved ones as well.

Go On a Trip

Go On A TripYou know what they say: it’s not where you go—but who you’re with—that matters. While traveling as a family can come with several challenges, there are few things in the world that can compare to the wonder of seeing places you’ve never laid eyes on before and knowing that your loved ones are enjoying every bit of the experience as well.

See a Therapist

This might come across like a drastic move but not all families have healthy and stable relationships. If you’re having a hard time reconnecting with loved ones or re-establishing family ties, going to sessions with an experienced and reputable Allen therapist can go a long way to opening those channels again. A therapist has the skill and training to help your family find better ways to communicate so you can start spending more time together.

Keep in Touch

The most important rule is to keep in touch. If something happens to you—a promotion at work or you scored your math finals or you’ve broken up with your boyfriend—let your loved ones know. Keeping them up-to-date with the details of your life is one way to stay up-to-date on each other’s lives.

Have Real Conversations

Put a stop to empty and superficial conversations that mention nothing more than your opinion on the latest addition to the Star Wars film franchise or why you think Stranger Things is the best thing on TV right now. Talk about life instead. If there’s a barrier you can’t seem to scale on your own, schedule an appointment with a professional. Seek out the assistance of therapists near Dallas. They can help you and your loved ones move past the awkward small talk so you can start talking about the things that really matter.