I just hosted my 2nd Annual Vision Board party in my house, with friends who are eager to set their life wheels in motion, and manifest big, amazing goals!

Many people set goals this time of year, and I personally think while goals can be set all throughout the year, there’s no time like the present to get into the groove and put yourself on the path of attaining exactly what you want.

I hear some people say they don’t like the words “resolution” or “goals” and have requested they not be used because they just sound too staunch and concrete. So, I’ve resorted to using words like “vision” or “intention”.

What we put out to the the world, the world gives back to us. What we envision ourselves as being, we become. What we idealize our world to be, we have. I’m not necessarily talking about physical things, but instead, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally speaking.

I have a “name it to claim” philosophy about life. What I call into my life, comes in perfect order. Which isn’t to say that it comes perfectly, but when I pray for patience, I receive patience. When I ask for more connection opportunities, friends show up. When I ask for a job, one will always be provided. The Universe always provides.

It doesn’t hurt one single bit to set a vision for your future. In fact, we all need to feel we have purpose and direction. One way to set your intentions and goals for the new year, is by creating a vision board!

Vision Boards

Vision boards are a concrete mediums for creative and idealistic intentions for your future. If you haven’t heard of or created a vision board, I highly recommend it! Here’s how to get started:

First, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Poster Board
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Magazines
  • Stickers (optional)

Second, you’ll open up the magazines and just start cutting words, pictures and affirmations that represent a life you love and desire to have. Without putting too much thought into it, cut out what brings you joy at first glance.

Next, you’ll paste all of the items onto your board. You don’t have to put too much thought into this part, but if it stresses you, I might suggest you organize into major themes of your life: career, relationship, health, and family for example. Your sections represent what is a high priority for you.

Once you’ve pasted all of your items onto your board, step back and see what you’ve created. See what themes emerged from your pasting. You may be someone who thought about your items very carefully, or you may have decided to go with your gut and cut out random words and pictures that caught your attention at the time.

Take a look at a vision board I created in the past:

Jennifer VB

I very purposely added foliage and flowers because they make me feel serene and happy. I also very specifically looked for a “nest” or place to gather my thoughts in a meditative way, which is why you see a lady resting on a couch at the bottom of my board. This is an action I regularly engage in, feel I must have no matter what, and intend to have more of in this new year.

But the one thing I hadn’t planned on is that large word in the very middle of my board: Excellence. In fact, I pasted “A Lesson Rich In” just above that word, and as I gazed on those two put together, “A lesson rich in excellence” I realized that I very much wanted and needed to understand how my desire for excellence manifests itself in my life and work. I do expect excellence, and that can get me in trouble when combined with my need for perfection. I don’t want to change the excellence-seeking part of me, but I do want to understand what it means for me so I can make it work in my favor.

Of course, “Share the Love” is also a large phrase on my board, which is purposeful. I feel as if my job is 100% sharing of love, which I have for each and every person in abundance.

I am now working on a second vision board which is work related only. I’m in the process of cutting out words and pictures while my clients also work on their boards in their sessions, and so far I have words and phrases like:

  • In Front.
  • Women in Business
  • Community
  • Making a lasting impression
  • Oh, the possibilities!
  • Leader
  • Best in D (Magazine)

These are power words that depict my career intentions, and I feel a second board is worthy of my vision.

The last step in creating a board is posting it where you can see it. Remind yourself everyday what your vision and intention is for the year. Day-by-day, call these things into your life. Remind yourself what’s possible. Envision a world which has purpose and a future that is of your making.

Vision boards are great ways to put idealistic ideas into concrete action. Of course, a purposeful life DOES require action, but this is the first step – name it to claim it, baby!