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Using Online Counseling in College

“Struggling to meet the rising demand for mental health services on campuses, colleges turn to online platforms and text messaging services. Experts are divided on the effectiveness of these approaches.”

At I Choose Change, we are able to help families both online and face-to-face. We utilize, a HIPAA compliant, safe platform to meet with clients from all over the United States.

Is online counseling right for you? If you’ve tried it before, leave your comments in the comment section below!


Source: Colleges turn to online, text messaging services to help with counseling demand

About the Author:

Jennifer Slingerland Ryan knows a thing or two about kids and families. First, she knows they are joyous, exhilarating, loving and so darn fun. Second, she knows they suck your life dry and make you weep like a baby. By day she’s a psychotherapist; by night she’s a mom and wife. She claims to love therapizing couples, educating parents, reading dystopian fiction and sleeping in her free time (read: she never sleeps). Jennifer has spent over 12 years in private practice working with individuals, couples, and parents who are faced with kid-drama, mamma-drama, and family-drama, and she claims that although some stories make a grown woman cry, she loves it.