This is the time of year that nature (or a good amount of trees) shed themselves for the winter to prepare for the regrowth and blossoming of spring. Of course we have all heard of “spring cleaning”, but I think there is something to be learned from the way that Mother Nature takes care of herself.

How are you doing? Honestly, do you think to ask yourself this question very often? Most of us have automatic emotional or behavioral responses to life’s good and bad events, but we can often times neglect to check-in on our own emotional well being outside of these specific events. Below are a list of questions that may prompt your own understanding of your current state and how you can grow and blossom as nature does.

  • Do I feel satisfied with my daily routine and how I use my time? The way we spend our time, both in things we have to do and those moments in between, can be good insight into how we’re doing overall.
  • Are there things in life that I have put on the back-burner/neglected? It’s common to have goals that may have to be set aside and resumed at a later date. Too many of these situations could be a sign that you aren’t making yourself enough of a priority.
  • Am I satisfied in my relationships? Going through the motions doesn’t count. Can you list more pros than cons? Are you able to feel thankful for having certain people in your life?
  • Do I enjoy time alone? This question may be perceived differently based on your personality type. However, some may struggle with time spent alone due to certain fears or beliefs that they have about themselves or those around them. It may be helpful to explore this further if you answered “no” to this question.
  • Am I a priority? Trick question- of course you are! Thing is, do you believe you are?? And if not, how can you explore this further to begin to believe it?
  • What can I improve on? We all have things we would like to see change or improve. It’s healthy! Staying aware of these things will really help you continue to cultivate a fruitful life.

Are you struggling to answer these questions in the way you thought you would? Consider scheduling a session with any of our amazing therapists to explore this further and find your way to explore your own sense of self and growth.