It’s that time of the year for mistletoes, Christmas trees and brightly-wrapped gifts. And then you have the never-ending feasts—the treats and sweets, the meat, the wine—it’s no wonder people love the holidays. It’s so easy to derail your diet, though, with the booze and the slews of desserts. But once the holidays are over—gone are the loaded buffets and heaping plates—then you’re back to minding your weight and going for healthful portions. Or are you?

If you’re having a tough time getting your health back on track after living off the holiday leftovers in your fridge for days, here are helpful tips for you:

Track Your Habits

Identify whatever bad dietary habits you picked up during the holidays. For instance, maybe you picked up a taste for putting mayo and ham and rice together. That might be one of the reasons why you’re finding it hard to lose the extra weight around your stomach. Once you’ve realized possible bad habits that could be derailing your diet, then you can start finding ways to change them.

Clear Out the Junk Food

Make it easy to avoid junk food, says the Huffington Post. Throw these out of your fridge. Then put in healthy snacks instead. Go with fruits and vegetables. These are must-have staples in every home. Make sure these are the first things you see when you open your fridge. That way, it’ll be easy for you to reach out for these snacks when you want to grab a quick bite.

Find a Therapist

Talking to family counseling associates can help. You might think you’re just overeating. But there could be an underlying reason why you can’t seem to stop binging on your holiday leftovers. By talking it out with a professional, you can start taking a closer at your emotions. Experienced and compassionate therapists can help you get to heart of the problem. Maybe you’re exhausted and stressed at work. Maybe you have a bad boss or annoying co-workers. Whatever the issue might be, talking to a professional can help you get a better handle on things.

Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily One way to get yourself back in shape is to exercise every day. Set it at the same time and make it a habit. You’ll find out how easy it is to change your bad habits as soon as you set your mind to it.


Ditch the Booze

If you want to lose the beer belly, you’ll need to part ways with the booze. The load of calories you get with every bottle could be why your jeans don’t seem to fit anymore. If you want to get back to your ideal weight, then put the beer and booze away.

Give those Cookies Away

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s a smart rule to apply when you’re dealing with cookies. If you have a ton of baked goodies and treats from friends, colleagues and family, keep just enough to satisfy your cravings and then give the rest of those away. You aren’t just spreading a bit of love and cheer, you’re also stopping yourself from eating all that on your own. If you find yourself unable to resist the temptation of cookies with big chunks of chocolate and soft, chewy goodness, then it’s best that you put those sweets out of your reach. Give them all away.

Avoid the ‘What the Hell’ effect

When you slip up on your diet, don’t think ‘What the Hell, might as well…’ and then proceed to consume all that ice cream in one sitting. Then compound one diet violation after another. You’ll have a harder time getting back up from that kind of failure. Once you slip up, let it go at that and then eat healthy the next time, says the Cosmopolitan.

Don’t beat yourself up over it

Ate through the whole carton of cookies? Inhaled every last slice of pizza? Ended up working your way through half of that triple-decker chocolate cake? It’s done. Don’t beat yourself up over it. The best tip to getting back on track after binging over the holidays is to commit to it. If you can’t seem to get past the guilt, though, ask for help from a professional. Look for an Allen counseling service that offers counseling and therapy sessions to help you get a better handle on your emotions. This will help you gain a positive frame of mind, one that’s going to help you get your weight—and health—back on track.