• 5 Words We Need to Stop Using in Relationships

5 Words We Need to Stop Using in Relationships

There are words we all use that seem innocuous. However, some of them are nefarious whether we realize it or not. Love is strong but very fragile at the same time, so handling feelings with care is always necessary. Here are five words you should ditch immediately to improve how you communicate with your partner. 1. Stop “Nagging” Me This word is a serious trigger for a lot of people, but especially women. Ravishly points out that women and men communicate differently, with women being more likely to be verbal. Therapy can help a lot when it comes to bridging a gap in communication, especially with the help of an Allen-based therapist. This word infers that emotions are empty complaints and invalidates feelings, and is [Read more...]

  • Understanding the Anatomy of a Fight and How to Heal

Understanding the Anatomy of a Fight and How to Heal

Every couple fights. It’s an inevitable fact, ranging from doozies you remember for years, to minor spats over taking out the garbage. The fact is, though, that rarely are disagreements actually about the subject at hand. Anger is hard to express in a healthy way for many people, both to themselves and to their partner. Not only that, but in order to express anger without being destructive, you also need to understand what truly made you angry in the first place. Understanding Your Role in the Argument When you fight with your partner, you’re also effectively a cog in the argument machine. The longer you refuse to take a step back, the longer it will keep going. Acknowledging your role in the argument is important, [Read more...]

  • Why You Should Skip Valentine's Day

Why You Should Skip Valentine’s Day

They’ve been everywhere you look, it seems like, the past month or so: advertisements and displays for candy, cards, and tangible tokens of affection. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the retailers want you to remember, reminding you at every turn. But that’s exactly why skipping the holiday in favor of adopting a healthier outlook on love is exactly what every couple needs this February. After all, you should love one another every day, not just one specific – and very commercialized – day out of the year. There are lots of good reasons why Valentine’s Day is a misleading occasion, but here are the big ones. 1. Wasted Money Means Wasted and Opportunities While Valentine’s Day and its meaning is interpreted in many different ways, one [Read more...]

  • How to Admit You're Wrong Without Shame

How to Admit You’re Wrong Without Shame

At I Choose Change, we encourage change that lasts a lifetime. That’s why every month, we’ll take a closer look at the issues that affect you and your family. Earlier this month, we focused on resolutions and starting over. For the rest of January, we'll delve into doing the right thing and justice. I Choose Change serves all of Allen, Plano, McKinney, Wylie, Lucas, Sachse and Fairview, and we offer online and email counseling across the globe. Contact us here for more information. Greg McKeown in his book Existentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, said: “There should be no shame in admitting to a mistake; after all, we really are only admitting that we are now wiser than we once were.” So then, why do [Read more...]