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About Amanda Myers, M.Ed., LPC, RPT

I’m Amanda! I’m a mom of two young children, so spending my day on the floor playing with children is part of my regular day. I love playing with children because I get to see them transform, connect, grow and evolve right before my eyes. The time children spend playing is hard, ground-breaking work for them, and I feel lucky being able to do it alongside them.

Benefits of Play Therapy: What’s going on in there?

The Benefits of Play Therapy Children may not have the verbal skills to express their emotions and thoughts effectively. Play therapy provides a safe and non-threatening environment for them to express themselves through toys, art, or other creative mediums. How [...]

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Your Child + Challenging Friendships

Friendships Are Complex When your child comes to you with stressful situations involving their peers, it can often be challenging to figure out the best way to assist them. We all struggle with friendship issues at some point in our [...]

7 Ways to Know You’re an Awesome Mom

Being a Mom is tough work, we  Moms know that. There are times we don't live up to the expectations we have for ourselves, and as a therapist, I find myself needing to let Moms know just how awesome [...]

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