Everyone needs help during a life crisis. Let us be your life buoy and help bring you back to safety.


Couples Intensive

Lots of couples struggle with intimacy, communication, and conflict. But if you’re headed for divorce, recovering from an affair, or wondering if this marriage is sustainable, a Couples Intensive is right for you.

Parent Intensive

Parenting is hard for all of us. We get it. But if you or your co-parent need a parent overhaul with some tried-and-true parenting tips, a parent intensive might be for you.

Individual Intensive

We believe good mental health care should be part of your lifelong regimen. But when you’re dealing with some deep-rooted, heavy issues, an intensive can help you get quick tools at a much quicker pace.

Not quite sure you’re ready? Take the life satisfaction quiz.

Well-being, happiness, and life satisfaction can be measured. Knowing where you are now can help you find a direction.

Everyone deserves access to quality mental health care.

What do you need today?

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