Why “I Choose Change” ?

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Simple. It’s because you can’t say the name without stating a positive affirmation. We think that’s a great first step to change.

We are Licensed Counselors, Registered Play Therapists, Expressive Art Therapy building stronger families and marriages providing counseling, psychotherapy and life coaching for adults, children and teens.

The TEA Process©. Face-to-face we serve Allen, Plano, McKinney, Wylie, Lucas, Sachse, and Fairview, and online and email counseling around the globe! All counselors at I Choose Change use The TEA Process© – a unique combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Attachment Theory developed by Jennifer Slingerland Ryan, LPC-S, as a basis for our counseling. The TEA Process© (Meaning: “Thoughts-Emotions-Actions”) of change is simple and easy to understand. If you’ve received Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before, chances are you walked away with more questions than answers about how to utilize the skills you were taught that would last for the duration of your life.

At I Choose Change, we encourage change that lasts a lifetime for yourself, your relationships, and your family by getting to the root cause of your pain. The TEA Process© is a lifestyle change.

Love the Couch. We help get to the core of your self-defeating beliefs and negative thought patterns so you feel better immediately, plus help you connect to the important supporters in your life in a deeper, more fulfilling way. We are Allen counseling associates who provide practical counseling and life coaching that kicks depression, anxiety, worry, fear, phobias, marital strife, parenting woes, and many other struggles to the curb.

Change is a Choice. We can help.

  • Provide effective relationship counseling, family therapy, play therapy and life coaching that works incorporating your unique goals and needs

  • Improve mental clarity and awareness as a means of understanding why you feel and do things that keep you stuck

  • Improve overall physical and emotional health and wellness

  • Obtain goals associated with life balance, happiness, and satisfaction

  • Decrease emotional dissatisfaction

  • Increase productivity and organization in your personal and professional life


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Love the couch. Love yourself.©