The Marriage Assessment

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The robust, in-depth reporting of this assessment measures both the strengths and weaknesses of current committed partnership. Based on his Sound Relationship House created by Dr. John Gottman, this assessment measures the health of your marriage.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup was created and developed by Dr. Gottman, a world-renowned researcher  with over 40 years of research on marital satisfaction. The assessment is a 480-question assessment about friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values, and trust. Additionally, the assessment measures how well you two manage parenting, housework, and finances. It will also point out individual areas of concern for each partner including depression, anxiety, anger, and interpersonal sensitivity.

Here’s what you get when you purchase the marriage assessment:

  1. A confidential link for the assessment sent directly to each of your emails (the test should take about an hour to complete);
  2. Two assessment reports (one for each partner) which includes both strengths and weaknesses of the marriage overall, plus individual areas of concern;
  3. A recommended course of action to get your marriage back on track (if it’s even off track!); and
  4. BONUS: If you are receiving your report face-to-face, a complimentary book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” by Dr. John Gottman (regular session fees will apply).

For only $159, you’ll each receive an assessment report on the health of your marriage, plus a recommended course of action to get your marriage back on track. This assessment is only valid when both partners take it; however, each partner will submit their own confidential online test. Results are sent directly to I Choose Change.

Once both of your assessments are completed and sent back to I Choose Change, a report will be generated for you to use as a guide, complete with suggestions on how to remedy your problem areas. (Most couple’s like to have results face-to-face, and that is recommended, but we are happy to prepare the report and email it to you as well.) You can expect to receive this report within two business days (excluding normal holidays).

About the Gottman Relationship Checkup

Dr. John Gottman developed the Sound Relationship House of which this marriage assessment is built upon. This assessment does a full inspection of your marital house, starting with the foundation – trust and commitment. From there, it inspects your walls and windows, finding out where you’re in need of repair. The Sound Relationship House measures these areas:

  • Love Maps: How well do you and your partner know each other’s inner world?

  • Fondness and Admiration: Do you admire and respect each other?

  • Turning Toward versus Turning Away: Is your partner the first person you turn to during the day for both small and big things?

  • Managing Conflict: How well do you and your partner solve and manage your conflict?

  • Shared Meaning and Rituals: Do you have shared meaning and rituals that help you connect at the beginning and end of everyday?

Within those walls and windows of your Sound Relationship House, you’ll also get a picture of the health of other areas and relationships in your marriage: friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values, and trust.

Learn how well you manage parenting, housework, and finances, as well as individual areas or issues of concern, like depression or anxiety.

An important note about confidentiality:

We will not share YOUR results with your partner. Information provided is confidential, and the report goes directly to you. What you decide to do with the report, and with your spouse, is up to you. (Again, we highly suggest face-to-face follow-up in most cases, but it isn’t required). Having said that, there is a comment section in this assessment. If you or your partner reveal the desire to either commit suicide or harm someone else, we must take this seriously and will report these two things to appropriate authorities.

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