Video Counseling

We’re making professional counseling accessible to everyone. It’s convenient and affordable, so you can get help anytime, anywhere.

Overcome the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back. We provide two ways to connect:

  1. Use our private, online, secure video program. You can login anywhere you have a connected internet account, from your laptop, desktop or smartphone. Once you schedule your appointment, you’ll be sent an email that tells you how to connect for your appointment.
  2. Use our Secure Client Portal. Once you’ve setup your appointment, you’ll automatically be able to send messages back and forth to your counselor. You’ll be sent a secure link with a login that you’ll use as often as you want.

*Note about secure online messaging. Although you may use this link to message your clients as often as you’d like, your counselor will only respond during your scheduled appointment times. If you’d like a higher level of service with more messaging from your counselor, you’ll need to purchase a monthly Messaging Package for just $195 per month. This allows you to have your counselor at your fingertips. (Not all of our counselors provide this service.)

Secure Messaging

While you can send a message to your counselor anytime through your Secure Client Portal to ask about specific scheduling questions, to may want a higher level of care and the ability to message with your counselor throughout the month when you feel stuck. You were sent a link in your email when you scheduled an appointment. If you need help logging in, contact to get your link and password reset.

Your counselor will message with you through the portal as needed, but if you’d like to have your counselor at your fingertips, you can! For just $195 per month, your counselor will send messages back and forth to help give you a higher level of accountability with the goals you’re working through. You can also schedule quick video check-ins with your counselor to help get you back on track.

Purchase your monthly subscription at the box to the right, and start messaging your counselor today!