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relationship counseling

Silent treatment? No intimacy? Loads of conflict? On the brink of divorce or already separated?

We can help.

If you’d like to get a pulse on your marriage – an assessment which measures the state of your marriage – take an assessment online with a special link setup just for you and your partner in each of your private email boxes. Relationship Checkups are based on the Sound Relationship House created by Dr. John Gottman.

NOTE: Each partner must schedule their individual relationship checkup appointment. The cost ($315) includes:

  1. Gottman Relationship Assessment, taken online in your home (we’ll send you a special access link)
  2. Two individual appointments with each partner to review results (one appointment each), and
  3. One John Gottman book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” Each appraisal takes approximately one hour for each partner. Once completed, results are emailed to I Choose Change directly, who will assess your results. At your scheduled appointment, each partner will individually discuss their personal results. As a couple, you may decide if you’d like to continue couples therapy after your individual appointments.

What will we find out?

  • Love Maps – how you know each other’s inner worlds
  • Fondness and Admiration – how each of you admire and respect each other
  • Turning Toward versus Turning Away – whether each of you turn toward your partner, even after small bids for connection, throughout your day
  • Managing Conflict – how you and your partner solve and manage conflict
  • Shared Meaning and Rituals – the areas of your life in which the two of you share in connection through symbols and daily rituals
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