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Michelle Jones, M.S., LCSW-IPR

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  Yes, you are in the right place, no doubt about it.  Your internal navigator has landed you right in the center of Heart Matters, a place where the matters of your heart, matter to me!

You may be dealing with a traumatic experience, feeling anxious, depressed, or going in circles with gridlocked issues in your marriage.  Your heart may be broken now and you may be confused, but let me reassure you that you are in the right place and we will work in a safe and nurturing environment to put the pieces back together again.  I am excited that you have taken a courageous step towards getting the help you need to navigate through life’s issues.

I look forward to meeting with you soon! Schedule an appointment to get started on your road to healing, recovery, and transformation.

I use evidence-based therapy models to help with grief and loss, depression, infertility, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD, helping couples and adults.

Marriage Advocate

I too missed the message that marriage was not a fairytale.  I guess I fell asleep on that part of the story. Marriage is a lot of sacrifice and compromise, which can feel pretty harsh.  Sometimes you smile, even when you want to cry, but if you’re crying more than smiling, we have to talk. Marriage can work and you can live happily ever after. Nothing does my heart better than seeing couples flourish after learning skills and techniques to communicate effectively and better understand one another in relationship. I am a Gottman level 2 trained counselor which means I have a set of tools for your tool box to build a happy and lasting relationship with your spouse.  No matter what you are dealing with remember…if two are willing then there is hope!

Insight Facilitator

“Being the best that I can be starts with me, knowing me!!”  We all have unconscious motives, feelings, urges, thoughts and defenses that control our daily actions.  In fact, on a good day we really don’t know who we are.  One of the keys to getting unstuck from life’s issues, is knowing who we are and (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually) how we react to things that are thrown our way.  Gaining a better understanding of self is sometimes a hard pill to swallow but look at the flip side, once you swallow the pill, the cure is on its way. Not so bad huh? It really is all about a better understanding and how we look at things.

Enthusiastic Encourager

Sometimes we get so bogged down with the cares of this world that we forget we really are true conquerors.  We all possess skills to overcome obstacles, but sometimes we need help sharpening those skills in order to release the warrior in us.  Most of the time, things are not as bad as they appear but if we give up without trying, how will we know? I believe you have greatness in you and I am here to help you unleash your natural abilities and potential to effectively deal with those things that have bogged you down. You are an overcomer, and you can do this! I’m here to help.

Books I Recommend

  • Waking the Tiger by Peter A. Levine. An oldie but goodie, A practical self-help book that includes skills and exercises on understanding and how to deal with trauma.

  • Fight Fair by Tim and Joy Downs.  great book for couples which gives communication tips on “How to win at conflict without losing at love.”  This book is funny, inspiring, and it is simply golden!

  • The Four Things That Matter Most by Ira Brock. This is a good read on forgiving, loving, and living.  It includes simple real-life stories on how people were able to live happy and healthy lives after practicing three life affirming phrases,” Please forgive me”,” I forgive you”, and ” I love you.”

  • Because of the kid in me, I could not close my list of recommended books without including my all-time favorite, Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree – Selfless Love.


The biggest problem is not the actual problem but instead, failing to accept that we have a problem and not obtaining the skills to effectively deal with the problem, is the problem.

I’ve spent over 24 years helping children, adults, families, and couples sort through issues they did not have the skills or know-how to do themselves.  I can help you, too. Some of my specialties include grief and loss, depression, infertility, anxiety, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. I work with both adults and couples.

  • BS in Social Work, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Masters in Social Work, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Trained in Gottman Couples Therapy level II
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Betrayal Partner Trauma Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • EMDR  (Trauma Therapy)
  • Wife of 23 years to a wonderful man, mother of two beautiful children
  • Christian Counseling for those who desire


WHO I SERVE: Adults and Couples
FEE: $125 for 50-minute session
Insurance: BCBS and United Healthcare

Licensed Professional Counselor #32134
Texas Department of State Health Services

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