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We offer face-to-face, chat, video, telephone, and email counseling to individuals, couples, and groups. All sessions are approximately 50-55 minutes long unless otherwise arranged with your therapist or life coach. We charge by the the session hour, regardless of service (with the exception of email counseling).

We realize finances can be a stress for many families, and we do not want finances to stand in the way of great counseling services which provide enormous change. We are confident in our ability to help with your mental health issue.

Our fee ranges from $55 for a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern to $155 for Licensed Professional Counselors. How to Get Insurance ReimbursementWe encourage you to talk with your therapist at your initial appointment about fee if you recognize this will be a hardship to therapy.

We also offer free 30-minute non clinical consultations. All therapists are different. Use this appointment to find out if this counselor is a good fit for your needs. Suggested questions to discover: Is this the therapist the best fit for me? Do I connect with this therapist? Do I feel like I can trust this therapist? What will this therapist do to help me with my needs? This session is *not clinical*.  It is intended to be a “get to know you” session only, to find out if the counselor is the best fit.  Counselor will share their methodology and practice style with you during this time.


We are an out-of-network provider with most insurance companies. Our decision to decline contractual agreements with any insurance company is a very well thought-out decision. Although this can at times create a financial hardship for some clients, we are open about our reasoning. Note: Interns assess a lower fee ($55-95) for their services but are unable to provide insurance reimbursement.

We still aim to provide the exceptional care in every possible way. Therefore, we created an Insurance Reimbursement CHEAT SHEET to help you get the most from your insurance provider. We want to do everything we can do for our clients, while not having to remain the middle-man between insurance companies and clients. We feel confident this will allow us to remain excellent in our service in every possible way.

Legal Fees:

If you anticipate needing legal representation or depositions, please notify us in advance. In the event of court proceedings where we are court-ordered to appear, or our records are needed, our hourly fee is $200 for any amount of work performed including copies, drive time, wait time, depositions and court proceedings.

We respect our Client’s confidentiality and session notes will not be released without a Judge signed Court order for their release.

Files are kept for a maximum of 5 years (or 5 years after a minor’s 18th birthday), after which, all notes will be shredded. If, during that time, you or someone else requests a copy of those notes, we will provide them ONLY with the clients written permission. If copies of notes, treatment plans or any other work is needed from our file, we will kindly request a $25 payment for this time.

Forms of Payment:

Fees are due at the time of service. Our office takes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Cards, Checks or Cash.  All checks should be made out to “I Choose Change”. All checks returned unpaid will be subject to a $25 administrative and processing fee.

**Please note that no-shows and cancellations not made 24 hours in advance by telephone will be billed at the full rate of your session. You are expected to make your appointment as arranged, and waiving this fee will be decided on a case-by-case situation.

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