Week 9’s Challenge:  Renewing Past Labels

photo from Two Purple Pandas

This week’s challenge will be straightforward and simple, but life changing.

What labels have stuck with you either from childhood or more recently?  Were you known as the “pretty one” and subconsciously internalized that your self worth came from the way you looked?   Perhaps your parents constantly called you “lazy” and you find yourself unable to motivate yourself to work beyond the path of least resistance.  Or, maybe, you have gone through a down time recently and were labeled “depressed” and find that it’s easier to remain in the label than work through it.

Psychological research has proved over and over again that if we believe something, it is more than likely that thing will come to being.  This is known as “self-fulfilling prophesy” or the Pygmalion Effect.

This week’s challenge is to dissect your soul a bit and see which of those labels have stuck to you, and to put an end to unwanted Pygmalion Effects in our own lives.

Rethink those labels and rename them.  Who are you today?  Who are you TRULY?  Think through your spiritual beliefs and what they say about you.  Think through those positive things said by those who love you that you have stubbornly refused to believe.   Think through areas in which you have excelled and yet choose not to acknowledge because you choose to look at the areas that “still need work”.

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