Week 10’s Challenge:  Celebrate!

Photo from SodaHead.com


I know I for one am constantly looking at things to improve.  I love watching the DIY network and thinking of what home improvement projects I can get started on.  I love watching shows like Biggest Loser and seeing the hard work the contestants make to make some major lifestyle and health changes.  And, I’m constantly thinking about ways that I can improve and become a “better” me.

Richard Foster, in his book, “The Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth” states that celebration is one of the key spiritual disciplines.  Yes, you read that right, celebration is a spiritual discipline.

The challenge for this week is to look at each day through the lens of celebration.  Instead of thinking of what things need to improve inside and outside ourselves, let’s look and see what it is that we can genuinely and authentically celebrate, even if it’s not “perfect” or “improved”.

And, if you’re really up for the challenge, plan a party with some friends and celebrate the amazing in your life.  Look for it, and you’ll find it.

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