Most parents remember the days when their babies first learned to play “hide and seek.” For some reason, the concept of crawling or running to a concealed spot in the house and knowing that their parents have to search high and low to find them is absolutely hilarious to most babies.

The joy of being searched for and found is not something that fades with childhood. Whether you realize it or not, your significant other feels the same way about you. He or she wants to experience the same joy of being searched for and found in different ways within your healthy relationship. Here are several ways you can “find the baby” and make that happen.

The Concept of Object Permanence
According to Parenting magazine, this simple game teaches the concept of object permanence – showing young children that items still exist even when they cannot be seen.
In a relationship, you need to be able to prove the same concept to your significant other. Even when you are not with them, find creative ways to prove that you are still right there with them. Random phone calls just to say “Hey” or “I love you” is a great way to start. You can also blend in more romantic ideas – such as sending flowers to their workplace, leaving handwritten love letters in their wallets or purses or scheduling the delivery of surprise care packages.

Carve Time Out of Your Busy Schedule
When you pay attention to the vast number of to-do items, tasks and projects you must complete within the typical day, you may quickly conclude that you simply do not have a lot of time left to spend with your significant other. Whether it is due to a busy work schedule or just other obligations that clutter and fill your schedule, several days, weeks or even months may pass without a single Date Night, “dinner and a movie” or even “staycation” shared between the two of you.

Parents make the time to find their babies when they are hidden even if it means stopping whatever they are doing to make it a top priority. Regardless of what you have to shift around, maintaining the health and strength of your relationship should be on your list of priorities.
Find Small Ways to Enjoy One Another

Another helpful tip that you can get from striving to “find the baby” in your relationship is the significance of just enjoying each other. Grand gestures are romantic and special, but not necessary. You can find small ways to have fun and just enjoy each other’s company without allowing distractions to get in the way. A hardworking parent spends time playing patty cake or peekaboo with a child. It may seem like a fun activity to the parent, but it is one of the greatest experiences in the world to that growing and developing child.

Small gestures with honest and heartfelt motives may seem insignificant and pointless to you but may equate to the experience of a lifetime for your significant other. Besides, small gestures made on a regular basis are much more effective than a one-time grand gesture.