Individual Counseling

Serving Children, Teens, Adults, Couples and Families

You crave balance, peace and calm. The need for health, mental clarity, unconditional love and nurturing envelops you. Luckily, we understand those needs. We feel you.

Our expert Licensed Counselors provide coping and healing strategies for concerns like depression, anxiety, anger, chronic dissatisfaction, stress, marriage and relationship strain, addiction, substance abuse, and parenting.

We’re Proud to be Different

What sets I Choose Change apart? Quality.

You deserve respect, compassion and excellence from the first contact with administrative staff to every session with your counselor. Anything less than great is unacceptable.

You are putting your life in our hands – we take that charge very seriously. You want to feel grounded, balanced and solid once again, right? Our counselors and coaches want to help you achieve those goals. We “meet you where YOU are” so you can expect to have counseling that fits YOUR needs, not ours.

Our mission: Help decrease negative emotional setbacks, transform self-defeating thought patterns, and start living a healthy, happy and more well-rounded life.

Many clients seek assistance I Choose Change with these issues:

  • Depression and bipolar disorders
  • Anxiety, phobias, and fear
  • Parenting struggles
  • Marriage, pre-marriage and relationship issues
  • Chronic health afflictions
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Stress Management
  • Child and Teen concerns
  • Abuse or addiction to substances, sex, pornography, gambling, or shopping
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Disorganization, general unhappiness
  • Career and business dissatisfaction and changes
  • Personality disorders, symptom management
  • Divorce and blended family coaching
  • Spirituality and faith concerns
  • Low self-confidence, self-esteem issues, and low self-worth

Office Hours

Our counselors schedule appointments from 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Thursday, and on Saturdays until 2:00pm. On Sundays, we rest (and we encourage you to, too! :) ) Our administrative staff is available to assist during regular business hours.

Getting Started

The best way to know which counselor best would fit you is to first take a look at each therapist’s biographyEach counselor has listed their areas of specialization and the population they work with.

Additionally, you may want to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our counselors to find out who best suits your needs. Please note this is not a clinical consultation but an opportunity for you to discuss their methodologies, talk to them about their credentials and ask any questions you may have about the therapy process. If you would like to discuss in more detail the concerns you have or challenges you are currently facing then we would advise you to book a full consultation.

To schedule your free 30-minute consultation call 214-547-1318 or to book an appointment call or schedule online:

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We look forward to meeting you!