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Self-Care SOS

Holidays can be wonderful and joyful!  And they can be overwhelming and bring up many emotions which we may have been avoiding all year.  What better time than now to engage in some primo self-care, right as the new year starts?

When you find yourself in need of tending, here are a few ideas to contemplate. Consider this a self care menu, which you can alter to fit your needs. Experiment to see which things you find helpful for you. There are no rights or wrongs, and there is nothing to achieve.  Stay curious about what works for you, which will no doubt change over time!

  • Do a walking meditation. I like this one: https://www.wildmind.org/walking/introduction
  • Journal
    • My favorite holiday moment from childhood – sights, smells, sounds, feelings, tastes, and tactile qualities
    • Why I feel sad
    • How can I turn toward myself and give myself what I need?
    • Anything you want to write about!
  • Sit and watch the sky
  • Sit and watch a fire
  • Take a bath
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep tonight
  • Go to bed by 10 every night
  • Drink warm water with honey and lemon when you wake up tomorrow, and then give yourself time to go to the bathroom.
  • Draw, paint, sew.  Make something beautiful.  Or make something ugly. Just make something.
  • Cuddle with something – person, pet, stuffed animal.  Visit an animal shelter and cuddle with some borrowed pets. Or offer to pet sit someone’s dog for the day.
  • Take time off from work.  Even if it is just from the time you leave one day until the time you go back the next. Don’t check emails or entertain thoughts about work.
  • Read a book.  If you can do it by a fire while sipping herbal tea even better.
  • Call a friend.
  • Call a parent.
  • Go to an art museum by yourself. Wander around looking at art.  Make up your own meanings.
  • Make an appointment with your counselor.
  • Make your own list of ideas!

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