Often, a counseling relationship transitions to a life coaching relationship once you’ve dug deep into your history, began to understand why your behavior and emotions have been so intense, and developed a solid plan for change. Change happens over a lifetime, and while you won’t be in counseling for a lifetime, you may need a refresher now and again. After all, becoming an authentic person is hard work!

It is important to continue working on change efforts between sessions.  Using Skype, Google Chat and Video, email, you can connect with I Choose Change anytime that is convenient for you. (And of course, you can schedule a face-to-face visit, too!)

Here are a few programs I Choose Change Allen Counseling Center  setup to help:

Program 1: Change Retainer

Keep your counselor or coach on retainer to support you as needed. This program is for you if you want accountability, someone willing to reach out regularly and “nudge” you, or if you want to just blow off steam. We will keep your change efforts on our agenda so you don’t miss a beat! Here’s what you get:

  • 3-5 support emails throughout the month
  • You pay only $85 per month

Program 2: Supported Change

What we’re learned is that you want to have your counselor “on hand” when you find yourself needing support, guidance, reassurance and someone who regularly follows up with you. Here’s what you get:

  • One session per month broken in increments that suit you best: (four 15-minute sessions, two 30-minute sessions, or one 1-hour session) via phone, video, chat or in-person
  • 3-5 monthly support emails
  • $210 per month

Program 3: High Achiever’s Change

This is a high-intensity, “hands on” program designed to help you develop strategies for change very quickly, and keep your momentum going. You are the “priority client” in this program. We provide the right amount of accountability, confront you when you need to be confronted, and simply support you when you need to be supported. Here’s what you get:

  • Four 50-minute sessions (to be used in 2 months or less)
  • Unlimited monthly support emails
  • Telephone mini-sessions – follow-up between appointments
  • Scheduled Chat “mini-sessions” as needed via Google Chat or Skype Chat

Purchasing in Bulk

  • 10-Block: Book 10 sessions in advance (coaching or counseling) and only pay for 9; equivalent to 10% discount or one full session for free.
  • 5-Block: Book 5 sessions in advance and receive 10% discount equivalent to half a session for free.

 Think Outside the Box

Email follow-up can be used several ways:

  • Journal Voice your thought process anytime, day or night. If you’ve just had a fight with your spouse, if you are yelling at your children, if you are unmotivated, tired, can’t concentrate, or if you just need to vent, use your email journal to give your counselor / coach insight into your immediate thoughts. This type of feedback helps us help you!
  • Session Email can be used as a session, whereby you ask how to handle a situation or ask for a third-party perspective. We won’t give advice or solve problems – that’s not what we’re here for! But we will give you input which may put a different “spin” on the situation. Coaching is about us helping you see what you don’t see. In time, you’ll be able to recognize these things on your own.
  • Clarification While in session, we’ll will give you lessons, thoughts, scenarios and feedback that, when you leave, may slip your mind. Clients often say, “I left your office with so much good information, but in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t remember anything we talked about!” Use your email to get clarification — we’ll remember when you don’t!
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Come to the Couch!

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Telephone follow-up can be used as a mini-session

If you’re a person that prefers to hear your support person live and in person, phone calls will be better for you. However, if your telephone call takes more than 10 minutes of your time, this isn’t a follow-up, this is a complete session. Use your telephone follow-up time for:

  • Reassurance
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Help building confidence
  • Ready to Start?

Love the couch. Love yourself.©

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