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Jitters vs Quitters: How to Distinguish Between Red Flags and Cold Feet Before the Wedding

Jitters vs Quitters There’s no doubt about the fact that getting married and planning a wedding can be a very stressful ordeal. Regardless of the size or complexity, it’s basically a huge party that requires complex coordination and decision-making. Being stressed is to be expected, but a more serious question you need to address is whether you’re having a case of stress-induced cold feet or if it’s time to really question your life choice before making a mistake. Here are a few things to consider as you address this feeling before your nuptials. Check in with Yourself Huffington Post offers a series a series of questions to ask yourself to determine whether you’re having common jitters or serious Jitters vs Quitters second thoughts, but the

It Pays the Bills: How to Recover and Restore Your Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction Everyone dislikes their job at one point or another. This is an unavoidable reality of being in the workforce, but there's a difference between being totally disillusioned and perpetually drained, versus having a bad day or feeling occasionally burnt out. Whether you're an entrepreneur or work for a large corporation, Job Satisfaction, finding fulfillment and enjoyment in the work you do everyday is important. This process can be aided with the help of Dallas-area counselors. You may not be able to adjust your place of employment, but you can always adjust your perspective. Here are a few tips on how to regain your enthusiasm for your professional life while still paying the bills. 1. Find a Single Thing to Be Happy About Your

Start Counting Sheep: Five Ways to Exchange Insomnia for a Good Night’s Sleep

Start Counting Sheep: Five Ways to Exchange Insomnia for a Good Night’s Sleep Most Americans don’t get enough sleep. Both in childhood and adolescence, many find it hard to calm down enough to fall asleep or simply don’t enjoy sleeping. However, even adults who would love to get more sleep often find it difficult, and the instance of insomnia in today’s society is high. Allen family counseling centers Insomnia believe that this may be one of many reasons why couples fight, children create trouble for their parents and families experience tension within the home. How can modern movers and shakers find a better night’s sleep? The answers may lie within our own bodies and minds. Insomnia Natural Remedies There are many treatments for insomnia and

No Need for New Year: How to Improve Yourself Now Instead of January 1st

No Need for New Year: How to Improve Yourself Now Instead of January 1st There are multiple reasons not to wait until January 1st to try and improve your life. Not only are New Year’s resolutions often an excuse to finally pay attention to things you’ve neglected, but they also notoriously fail. That’s why making the right proactive decisions now can lead you to true change going into and well beyond the new year. Here are a few tips about how to bring positivity and change into your life starting today. No Need for New Year: How to Improve Yourself Now Instead of January 1st Start in Your Own Home Family life is one of the biggest factors in anyone’s quality of life. The holidays

Humble Holidays – How Not to Over-Gift Your Kids

Allen family counseling Every year, we’re inundated with ads for the hottest new toys. We see news stories chronicling holiday gift-giving madness, as normally sane people charge into stores to grab the last remaining nearly-sold-out toy on the shelf. Holiday movies depict the best times as when the children get the most gifts. The truth is that too much of this can be damaging. It’s time to reassess how gifts work in your household. Allen family counseling How Much Is Too Much? Answers to this question run the gamut, ranging from completely ditching material gifts during the holidays, to the notion that lots of presents are just part of the season and do no harm, since it’s a time to get what you want. Wherever

Avoiding Family Conflict at the Holidays

Dallas-area counselors The holidays are a joyous time full of celebration and opportunity to bring families together. They’re also one of the most stressful times of year, and can actually cause clinical anxiety and depression. Enlisting the assistance of Allen family counseling can help both you and your loved ones remember how to communicate and prepare for the festive months. Start with some simple tips about how to avoid confrontations during the holidays. Dallas-area counselors The Rules of Engagement (and Conversation) One of the most common instigators of conflict with family during the holidays are inflammatory topics. The three mainstays are always religion, politics, awkward family history. These are typical fare that anyone who wants to have a pleasant gathering knows to avoid. Unfortunately, some

Grief & Goodwill: How to Enjoy the Holidays without Letting Go of the Grief

The first holiday season after the death of a loved one may seem like a period that you want to skip over and avoid instead of going through and enjoy. The thought of the Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning breakfast table having an empty seat without the warmth and presence of your close friend or family member may seem brutal in theory to even think of turning into a reality. However, you can successfully enjoy the holiday season without forcing the memory of your loved one under the rug. Analyze Your Traditions in Advance There may be certain family traditions during the holiday season that will remind you of your loved one the most. Perhaps it is even something he or she took care of

Shop, Don’t Drop: How to Enjoy the Holidays as a Former Shopping Addict

One of the most challenging times of years for a former shopping addict can be the gift giving holidays, when half the to-do list is based around purchasing. However, with a little careful consideration, it’s possible to keep your mental health in check, as well as your spending practices. To start, addressing personal and professional growth can help a lot when it comes to addictions and compulsions with Dallas-area counselors. Scheduling an appointment with a mental health professional can help you prepare for the season ahead, as can the following tips. Be on the Lookout for Old Symptoms It’s very difficult to face an old problem you’ve dealt with and overcome head-on in a new frame of mind. Even the most recovered shopaholics have to

Fear vs Phobia: How Can You Tell the Difference?

Facing just the fear of extreme fear can be scary in and of itself, whether you’re addressing it personally or trying to help someone else. However, there’s a major difference between fear versus having a visceral and deep-rooted reaction of terror that never goes away and tangibly impacts your life. Here are a few ways to tell if you’re dealing with a phobia or a fear.Fear vs Phobia: How Can You Tell the Difference? Age Makes a Difference If you’re an older person, chances are you won’t develop a phobia you’ve never experienced before. According to Medical News Today, phobias develop in early childhood or teenage years, but very rarely manifest after age 30. If you’re trying to determine whether your child has a phobia

Fair Fight: How to End a Spousal Argument with Two Winners

Argument with those we live and work closely with is a part of life. For married couples, there is simply no avoiding the spousal argument. However, with divorce rates topping out over fifty percent for American couples, learning how to settle arguments fairly and without lasting damage to a relationship is a top priority. The question for many married people is the same: How can you make arguments work for you and your spouse, rather than against you?Spousal Realize It’s Only Natural One of the most important things that couples who argue effectively and in a healthy manner do that others do not is realizing and embracing the fact that arguments happen. The Huffington Post stresses in their article about marital arguments that the most

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