Change Challenge 52: Week 11

by Jenny Wang

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Week 11′s Challenge:  Make One Deliberate Choice 


My baby is sick and needing my undivided attention today, so I’m going to make this a short (but profound) challenge.

In staying with the theme of rebirth and renewal of spirit, let’s turn to the spirit of humanity as a whole.  Please watch this video:

What Are Human Rights?

This week’s challenge is to make one deliberate choice to help protect the universal rights of others.

Post to Win!

Post here or on our Facebook page to win our weekly Starbucks gift card!  Post anything you like that represents your accomplishment of this challenge.

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We will be donating to La Puente, which means the Bridge. It is a non-profit organization here in Costa Rica that provides computer time so that children can learn to use a computer AND which I think is totally awesome, they provide business loans so that those in need can help themselves. They provide business training and marketing training so that the Costa Rican can start a little business and keep it going able to pay off the loan so that someone else can start a business…its a beautiful cycle of helping others so they can help themselves. Very Empowering and only helps continue the growth of the people here and the standard of living and education….@Jenny, today in keeping with your post, I bought Free Trade coffee that is from the town I live in Belen Heredia. Maybe Jennifer will share ;-) .



Continue to grow in my understanding of how my consumer choices affect people around the world. It’s hard because it’s so daunting and more costly – but maybe trying to be more conscientious of fair trade alternatives.



I guess I should preface that last 5 year old is starting the I don’t wanna a little late…its so much fun.



I didn’t kill my 5 year old daughter…HaHahaha..just joking…..well sort of :-)


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