Parent Coaching

Parent coaching may seem like an odd concept, and that being a parent seems straightforward in theory. You teach your children good moral values and encourage positive behavior to excel, but life can be messy and parenting is never easy. Whether you have children who are well-behaved and fulfill every expectation [...]

  • Queen Elsa and sister Anna embrace Frozen

My Great Therapy Advice

This morning when a client told me she needed to learn to keep her emotions under control, I responded with, “Who are you, Elsa?” And then I about died inside, because I thought to myself, “Really? Elsa? Is that the best therapeutic example you could come up with?” In fact, it [...]

Play Therapy: A Change Agent for Kids

Each human being has an internal desire to obtain wellness. This is particularly true for children, who are developing a self-concept and communicating their state of well-being through their behaviors every day. When children "act out" behaviorally, their actions are often the catalyst that brings children and parents into my therapy [...]

Blind Rage Over Goldfish Crackers: How Not to Punish Your Kids

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) I pride myself on being able to control myself fairly well with my kids, even so much as to say I have never “punished” them and I rarely use the word “discipline” because of its negative connotation of control. That is, until this weekend when I [...]

Craving Connection: A Desperation That Kills

This week, tragedy happened in a neighboring town. A young boy was killed by two friends over a girl they were both dating, apparently. The more I think about this, the more heartbroken I become. I am reminded how much heartache there is really in the world. Let's think about this.... [...]

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