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5 Text-Based Ways to Show Your Partner Love

Gary Chapman describes the idea of love languages which basically says that there are five different ways couples express and experience love, says EveWoman. The first one is through words of affirmation then through quality time followed by giving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Knowing these things can help you build a stronger emotional bond between you and your partner. Know each other’s language Given that idea, it’s essential that you find out what your partner’s love language is. What does she do to express her love for your? For instance, does your spouse or partner love to cuddle up to you? Does she often ask for hugs or does she like it when you’re both on the couch, in each other arms

5 Books Every Couple Should Read

Couples fill my counseling room seeking answers to why their spouse just won't behave and do what they desperately need them to do. They come seeking answers, help, and breath for their lifeless marriages. They are heartbroken, disconnected, misunderstood and feel completely and utterly broken. Working with these couples is my favorite work, because I know a little education about human development can make a world of different. I, too, have felt these exact emotions in the eighteen years my partner and I have been together. There are days I've rolled over in the morning and thought, “You’re still here?” In fact, he is still here, and I have to figure out how to move past an angry spat we've just had that makes me

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